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Our History

Desertpea Native Australian Skin Care - Our History

Desert Pea Native Australian Skin Care was launched in early 2007. The brand started with a different logo based on a costume design by Thelma Thomas Afford for the centenary of South Australia celebration in 1936.

With the help of local designer, Desert Pea moved on the current logo. The business has undergone a new phase in 2013 with the launch of new packaging and formulas based on our expanding knowledge of the cosmetics industry and the needs of you the consumer.

Still, some things have not changed.  Desert Pea Skin Care still utilise the unique and powerful actives harnessed in native fruits, herbs and plants as well as sourcing Australian grown natural and certified organic ingredients where possible.

You could say that our philosophy has remained the same but our tastes have changed. We hope that you enjoy our new outlook as much as we do.