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Skin Care Conditions

DesertPea - Skin Care Conditions

Skin Care Conditions

Normal Skin does not exist but Skin Conditions do.

The idea of normal skin only really exists in pre-pubescent years when most of us had lovely even glowing skin tone, wrinkle and blemish free. Our skin is not dry or oily but looks and feels plump and fresh (this is still a rather blanket description because many people suffer debilitating skin conditions from an early age). During puberty our hormones effect our skin's sebum production and we start to experience various skin conditions throughout the rest of our life as our environment, lifestyle, diet and biological changes break down our skin's protective mechanisms. Our skin plays an important protective role and is challenged daily by our environment, lifestyle choices, diet, genetic disposition and other external stimuli that can make our skin extremely reactive and at times hard to live with.

Our cosmetic products aim to restore optimal skin function via adequate hydration and maintenance of the skin's delicate pH, thus reducing or slowing the signs of ageing and protecting the skin barrier.

Please review each of our available products for ingredients listing as well as fully disclosed cosmetic active percentages in each of our products. Many people with the most sensitive skin types will already know what ingredients can cause potential inflammatory responses. The utmost effort and testing has been made by us to formulate products high in anti-inflammatories and free of known allergens for sensitive skin. However, if you suffer from severe reactions to cosmetics please consult a dermatologist who can perform patch testing to confirm potential allergens for your skin condition.

Testimonial:                                                                                                                   I have the most soul destroying skin battles (sounds dramatic I know!!) but Desert Pea products definitely have helped me.  At the end of the day there is only so much that topical products can do for hormonal skin, however your range has helped more than any other range I've ever tried ..... and I have tried eight different ranges in 12 years.                                                                                                                      Kristy P (outback SA)