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Natural Ingredients

DesertPea - Natural Ingredients

Repair Beauty with Natural Ingredients

We formulate our products by harnessing the unique and powerful botanicals native to Australia and fusing them with compatible and highly effective cosmetic actives.

The most important and powerful actives that are harnessed in Australian native fruits, herbs and plants are: vitamin C ascorbic acid, phenolic acids, glycosides, flavones and flavonoids proven to be useful and vital antioxidants, anti-bacterial and skin protectors.

From the most intensively researched and proven cosmetic actives, we choose to use ingredients such as vitamin B3 niacinamide, vitamin B5 panthenol, hyaluronic acid, magnesium ascorblyl phosphate, alpha lipoic acid, colloidal oatmeal, pure oat beta glucan, beta hydroxy acids and glucosamine (NAG).

All of these cosmeceuticals have proven safety and dermatologic effects as well as being tolerated by most skin types with very little irritant potential.  They are also chemically stable and compatible with other components of native Australian botanicals, thus are ideal cosmecueticals for the DesertPea range.

Our cosmetic products aim to restore optimal skin function via adequate hydration and maintenance of the skin’s delicate pH, thus promoting healthy ageing through protection of the skin barrier.

Please review each of our  products for ingredients listing as well as fully disclosed cosmetic active percentages.  Many people with the most sensitive skin types will already know what ingredients can cause potential inflammatory responses. The utmost effort and testing has been made by us to formulate products high in anti-inflammatories and be free of known allergens for sensitive skin.  However, if you suffer from severe reactions to cosmetics please consult a dermatologist who can perform patch testing to confirm potential allergens for your skin condition.